Cellular Technologies Bioconsulting provides assistance in reliable flow cytometry for industry, clinical trials and translational research. We assess aspects of cell product characterization processes in the development of cell manufacturing processes for commercial cellular therapy that are most sensitive to introducing variability and deliver sustainable approaches for reducing variability.

Cellular Technologies Bioconsulting provides business opportunity assessments for startups and established companies with products and services involving cell characterization and cell selection in translational research and clinical trials for cell therapy products. We evaluate past and current endeavors by organizations, standards, technical limitations, challenges, gaps and regulatory requirements, and deliver landscape reports.

Cellular Technologies Bioconsulting provides insight into users’ expectations and practical aspects of cell product characterization and cell selection for startups and established companies developing cytometry instrumentation. We gather information from customers, related products, regulatory requirements, researchers, clinicians and other stakeholders and deliver User Requirements Documents as a guide for planning tests, marketing strategy, estimating costs and setting timelines with milestones.